Options when buying a new car

Are you buying a new car? Whether you are buying a Mercedes Benz for yourself or a Citroen C4 for your daughter there are always options that you should consider. Obviously the first options you need to consider regard the kind of car it is that you are after. To save yourself from unwanted hassle at the dealership it is wise to have a very good idea of what you want, it is much harder to persuade someone who is sure of what they want into doing something that they will later regret, so this should be your first line of defence.

Another thing you really need to consider is your finance and how you plan on paying for the car. Again, take Citroen C4, it is definitely worth looking into Citroen C4 lease deals as outright ownership isn’t always the best option, especially if you are only planning on keeping the car for a few years. This is because a lease will tend to cost you a similar amount over three years, to what you would pay overall if you bought it outright and then decided to sell it second hand down the line. Sometimes leasing will work out cheaper, but another huge point in favour of leasing is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of actually having to sell the car, you simply return it to the dealership and it becomes their problem, meanwhile you have your sights set on a new car.

Furthermore is it worth buying a car new at all? It is a given that buying it second hand will make the car a hell of a lot cheaper, even buying a car that is only a year old (nearly new) will save you a small fortune, and in all honesty you get pretty much the exact same car, so why not save that money? Like I say, there are plenty of things to consider before  getting a contract hire Citroen C4 even comes in to it, but do remember there is more than one way to own a car.


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