We will always love Tesla and what they have done for the appeal of electric cars in terms of forwarding the market, and turning electric cars into something desirable on a number of different levels. But it is about time they had some competition. Of course, they already have competition in the form of the electric BMW, but now the market is about to heat up again with the news that Aston Martin are preparing their own answer to the luxury and powerful Tesla.

Early reports suggest that the Electric Aston will be packing 800 Horsepower and they say many other things that will get any petrol head, or electric head I guess, hot under the collar. Aston Martin plan on reinvigorating the Rapide , if it ever needed it by taking a leaf out of Tesla’s book; going electric, adding power and making a car with more emphasis on its track ability. Sounds good to us!

Seeing big brands like Aston Martin embrace all electric vehicles is refreshing at the very least, hopefully in the future you will have more options if you want a sporty electric car and you wont have to settle for a second hand Smart Roadster. which looks about as sporty as the Suzuki X-90 looks rugged.