Everybody knows you can get some excellent bargains on second hand cars, but now manufacturers are bringing out cars which have price tags to match those second hand prices even though you are buying new! This is of course sounds very economical so we thought we would give you a taste and have a little look at some new cars that you can get for under £10,000 and also look into how well they do when compared to some of the similar cars you can get second hand for a similar price.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the most popular cars in the UK, and with good reason. And you can get an entry level model for £8,995. The only problem is the depreciation factor hits the Corsa hard which kind of defeats the object of buying a cheap new car. If however, you opted for a second hand Corsa 1.2i VVT SE AC 5dr which would cost £15,035 new, you can get one for less than the new entry model Corsa and it is only a year old. So we think, even though a new Corsa is already pretty cheap, you can get a better Corsa, second hand, for less.


Skoda Fabia

A new Skoda Fabia just sneaks in to the under 10 grand category with its entry level version costing £9,945. It is the Skoda Fabia S 1.2 6v 60ps 5dr derivative and it is a petrol engine. The Fabia is a perfectly good car and you get a lot of space for what you pay, it isn’t overcomplicated in any way and the ride is actually pretty decent. You might want to pop over to BuyYourSkoda However it has some pretty fierce competition from its supermini rivals including the Ford Fiesta, which you can also get new for under £10,000 and as you might expect, you can get some pretty good deals on second hand Ford Fiestas.

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Dacia Sandero

Want cheaper, well here it comes, it’s the Dacia Sandero and you can get one for a very naughty £5,995. To give you a clear perspective on how cheap the Sandero is, it is worth mentioning that it is in the same class as the Ford Fiesta and the Fabia. Obviously with this kind of price you will have to allow for certain compromises that the Sandero has to make, but all the sacrifices are reasonable and ultimately the Sandero is a good solid car.