Could synthetic oil be the saviour of the energy crises we are presented with?


Almost every day we discover a new ‘hope’ in the way of an eco-friendly fuel equivalent and it is hardly surprising considering the ever increasing prices and limited amounts of fuel. Never has there been so much motivation to consider and develop better fuel equivalents.

Everybody would like a cleaner way to power their car’s engine, and synthetic oil could be the fuel which proves to be sustainable, clean and economical. It is constantly developing and with each breakthrough it becomes more and more promising.

Synthetic oil holds so much potential because of how it can be manipulated by humans in its creation in more ways than one. It is possible to remove impurities which can help your car work better, for the fuel is made to suit the car, rather than the other way round. Not only should performance be improved, but the fact that ‘going green’ is so important in this day and age, means that being eco friendly is very much in mind during the creation of synthetic fuels.

Hopefully this will make everything healthier which could lead to saving in other areas such as servicing, apparently synthetic oil has even received praise from Jenson Button for prolonging engine life, improving fuel efficiency and delivering better performance.

Also if you can get your hands on synthetic oil it is well worth using it to lubricate your engine components rather than non-synthetic oil. It is not just beneficial in new cars, it also works in old cars, so if you have a second hand Citroen C5 like me, or any used car for that matter, you will also see the benefits.