In what is seemingly becoming a bit of a habit Tesla has broken another record in the weekend gone. A man from Norway called Bjørn (of course he is) has set a new record by doing the longest journey ever in a production electric car. Unsurprisingly the record was set in a Tesla, the Model S P85D to be exact. Bjørn and his pal set upon a 452.8 mile trip and apparently they could have gone further, but that would have risked not getting to the next charging station, and they didn’t want to have to wait around for a flatbed.


The trip wasn’t without sacrifice however, as to achieve such a huge mileage on a single charge they had to stick to a speed of 25 miles per hour the whole time, which would be a huge test of will especially when you know what the Tesla S is capable of, its not as though your in a Hyundai Getz, the Tesla S is capable of some pretty serious performance.