Smart’s For Two is an innovative and unique city runabout. The car has received its fair share of criticism thanks to some minor mechanical issues. The For Two is perfect for buyers who want to stand-out from the crowd and get noticed.


The Smart ForTwo was formerly City Coupe and City Cabriolet, but now has its own place. The car was originally a product between Mercedes-Benz and Swatch, the new boldly styled city car offers a credible alternative to the conventional supermini. The car still has the practicality of a supermini without the same boring look.

The car was designed to stand-out. The ForTwo’s short stance and three-cylinder signature soundtrack, among other things manages to draw a fair share of attention the car’s way.

The For Two only offers seating for two, but is the perfect little car for running errands around the city. Shopping can be stored either in the passenger seat footwell or the decently sized boot.

Cabin space is excellent, and the two passengers are blessed with an abundance of room. Parking the tiny For Two is simple and should be a non-issue. There are plenty of airbags, and the car is equipped with ABS and ESP.


The car’s semi-auto gearbox and outright speed fall short of some rival brands. The car’s sub-one litre, three-cylinder motor is at its best when being driven around town.


The For Two is decently priced, though not the most inexpensive. You will find yourself saving money in the long term due to great fuel economy, low insurance rates and low service charges.

Although the For two is only a two-seater, the two occupants are well catered to. The boot is of generous proportions, but don’t expect to be able to load very many large items.

The gauges are logically placed. They are in the driver’s line of sight and are easy to read. The fascia is uncluttered and all the knobs and buttons have a quality feel to them. The power window controls are the only downfall, there is no one-touch function.

The For Two is easy to access through the large doors and their large apertures. When getting into the car, the wide seats will accommodate even large passengers comfortably. The boot is easily accessed through the large rear hatch.

Parking the For Two is easy as the car very short. Visibility is good both through the front and rear. The only noticable problem with the vehicle is the lack of steering assistance at low speeds.

Life Style

The ForTwo wasn’t designed for off-roading, but it handles well on most surfaces. Rough terrain poses some difficulties for the little car. The Smart drives well in the city, but given the car’s short wheelbase, it also does well to absorb most urban imperfections as well. The Brabus variant gives the car an extra dose of power. The car can easily show up more prestigious competition and sounds cool too with its racy exhaust pipe.

This is not a family car. There isn’t adequate seating for a family and storage space is limited as well. The car would work as a second car to the family, or a commuter car.

The Smart would make a good first car. It can be easily parked, and is powerful enough without being too powerful. The For Two is economical to run, and boasts decent fuel economy. This could definitely be a good first car for those who can afford it.

The car’s grey plastics are not that appealing, but they are made of quality materials and seem durable. The car’s exterior has a glossy paint that also makes the car look more expensive. The car has a good image and enjoys a large loyal following.

Security and Safety

The car comes standard with a remote locking system that works from the keyfob. A large button mounted on the fascia operates the door locks. The only downside is the car’s lack of a traditional glovebox .

The car comes with a whole host of airbags for the driver and passenger. The ForTwo comes with anti-lock brakes, plus Electronic Stability Control (ESP). Smart also boasts aTridion safety cell (the protective metal structure surrounding the passengers).

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a radio and CDs player. The car’s compact dimensions make it easy to hear the music, and the system produces good sound quality. Cost-options include a handy CD storage area and a disc changer. Steering wheel mounted controls are not available.

The ForTwo’s interior can be selected from a number of bright, colourful schemes. The bright colours suit the car’s fun p[ersonality and are attractive to younger buyers. A more mature leather option is also availableore sophisticated look.


The latest generation of Smart seems to have worked out most of the quality and mechanical problems that were in question with the past generation. The car boasts an above average asking price, but should be offset by low running costs.